A community resource navigation space for underserved communities in Texas.The purpose of this list is to locate affirming and specific resource for underserved groups in the state of Texas where we were founded. This list was originally created as a quick reference sharable link bank for organizers and grassroots operations during pandemic shutdowns. We noticed an uptick in private messages around 2018 after sharing our story online. Most requests were for safer places to stay, food support, bills and employment questions that have been a very consistent resource gap where we live for decades. Our project fulfills a still unmet navigation need for groups operating alongside state sanctioning harmful policy and unkind local behaviors creating almost no access or education around current social support networks. The navigation of the requests typically falls on a handful of connection based organizers and leaders operating on free or donation based terms. This project is a labor of love to support better and clearer options for people who can only ask for support through more private or safer means.We are tracking only the number of visits to the site and working to afford a more secure and direct way to receive and refer or fulfill requests.Our formation is simply as a public community service project partially funded by donations and proceeds collected by our family owned media and consulting company called SwirlBaby LLC.The administration of this site will happen periodically but basic instructions are the same- clicking on the black boxes will redirect you to a location to learn about a resource in our state. Most of these will focus on groups like: LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, disability justice, unhoused/temp housing populations and will focus on support like: access/resource for area, quick reference for donations or campaigns, quick review new program, solving a social determinant of health concern relevant to this state.Some housekeeping notes:
We may include national resource or info as well if there are limited local options. Many of the city based groups will be local to Austin area but some will also include information about a main resource bank for your area listed at a national website source. It may take a moment to locate the exact help you need on this part of the site, so if you need help asap we recommend going back to the home site and trying one of the helplines listed. Dial 988 for mental health crisis support. We are not crisis support providers but we can support some navigation especially if you have any level of digital division in your current situation. We cannot stress enough that emails are ok to send our team and we will answer as soon as we can.
Some links over time may require updating for various reasons including safety of community. We welcome all requesters to reach out for support as you review what we commonly recommend based on the type of support requests we have received over the last 10 years of visibility online and in public spaces. We welcome additions, comments, feedback, and support with the technical aspects of this work as well through our contact email.*Please note that some resources are specifically listed for Black or BIPOC populations and are limited to these groups do not attempt to pull from these resources unless you qualify for them. Double check all links and applications for intended audience notes. ALL underserved populations are encouraged to use this list as a roadmap to connect to support every mapping looks different and some coordination is still required across multiple organizations to fulfill more complex requests.need some ideas on where to move to have more stability than Texas? We can help. Need technical support or a resource not listed? Contact us! Thanks for using Project Liferaft Resource and Navigation Space.Last updated: May 2024

Before we begin. If you have a concern related to harm of self or others please contact these resources first!If you are experiencing an emergency please
call 9-1-1.


How to use this guide:
-Search guide for a resource under these color tags.
-Make contact/complete forms
-verify that resources are still available/check dates
-contact admin for help

Step 1: REQUIRED* Consent forms(OutYouth) CASE MANAGER SUPPORT

Step 2: Complete a contact/intake form

Safe Housing Support (Statewide)